Fenzi TEAM Titles for Advanced Obedience Training

Ready for advanced obedience training and want ideas for what to do next?  Let’s look at one option:  Fenzi TEAM Titles (http://fenziteamtitles.com). TEAM stands for Training Excellence Assessment Modules, and is made up of 6 levels of video “tests” for foundation through advanced obedience training skills.  Levels 1 – 3 are Sport Foundation, and build… Read more »

Jane and Frankie win 2016 Mid-Atlantic Regional Championship

Congratulations to WOOFS! trainer Jane Saunders and her Papillion Frankie for their performance last weekend at the USDAA 2016 Mid-Atlantic Regional Championships!  Jane and Frankie won the Regional Championship for 8″ Performance Masters Challenge Biathlon, came in 3rd place the 8″ Performance Triathlon, and made it to the finals for all events. And on top… Read more »

Canine Scent Work

Originally published on ARLNow.com How much do you rely on your sense of smell? For humans smell is an important part of taste. It can also bring back memories from childhood or special events. It can even warn us of danger when we smell smoke or food that has gone bad. But our sense of… Read more »