Choosing a great dog walker

You’re a busy professional. You’re juggling more balls than you care to count. Getting a little help can make a big difference, and these days many dog owners turn to dog walkers to take that daily task off their plates. But in light of a recent tragedy involving the death of six dogs left in… Read more »

Boarding your dog

Originally Published on As school comes to a close for the year it’s time for summer vacations. Where to go? What to do? And who is going to take care of the dog?If you can’t take your dog with you, the next best option is to have a family member or friend stay at… Read more »

Is your dog overweight?

Originally published on  More than half of the dogs in the U.S. are overweight. Much like with people, it is a result of too much processed food, large portion sizes, and just plain overeating. What amazes me the most about this epidemic is the number of dog owners who simply do not know that their… Read more »

Boarding your dog

Originally published on  Thanksgiving and Christmas are two of the busiest travel times in the United States, and inevitably people with dogs need to find someone to take care of Fido while they are out of town. If you can’t take your dog with you, the next best option is to have a family… Read more »

The scoop on dry food

Originally published on  The dog food market has exploded. There is almost an endless variety of dry dog food options, making it more difficult to determine what the best option is for your dog. Here are some tips to help you make an educated decision. Bottom line, do what works – If your dog is healthy… Read more »