Our experienced, certified behavior experts can help

Family surrounding Golden Retriever dog
General skills and manners

One-on-one training will address your precise challenges and questions

Dog expressing defensive aggression to fear
Behavior Modification

Coping with behavior concerns like fear and anxiety, aggression, reactivity, separation distress? We can help.

Dog and his family
We support humans too

We work together on a training plan that fits your goals and the reality of your busy schedule.

Initial Training Session

Our initial 90 minute session includes:
Management strategies for immediate relief
Training activities to begin long-term behavior change
Custom recommendations for a plan to reach your training goals

Three ways to get started:

1. Contact us by email
2. Call 703-536-7877
3. Schedule a session online now!

Locations & Pricing

Our Ballston or Shirlington Campus – $150
Your home*$180
Virtual via Zoom – $150

* Our trainers travel to Arlington and northern Alexandria.
D.C. and additional range may be available on request.

Continuing Training Sessions

Our continuing 60 minute sessions include:
Step-by-step coaching through a program designed specifically around your goals and for your lifestyle. No package required — schedule as few or as many sessions as you choose.

We offer a 10% discount when you schedule 3 or more continuing sessions.

Locations & Pricing

Our Ballston or Shirlington Campus – $150/hr
Your home*$180/hr
Virtual via Zoom – $150/hr

* Our trainers travel to Arlington and northern Alexandria.
D.C. and additional range may be available on request.

Already completed your 90 minute initial training session?
Schedule your continuing sessions here

What one-on-one training can do for you

Relief from troubling behavior

From barking, jumping, chewing, and housetraining to anxiety, shyness, and aggression, we’ll help you achieve real change

Help with basic manners

Whether it’s a zippy recall you’re after, a dog who walks politely on leash, or one who sits and stays when you ask, we’ll help you get there

A convenient solution

Training on your schedule, at your home or our facility, makes private training a perfect fit for busy dog parents

Real results

With a dozen experienced, professional dog trainers on staff there isn’t a dog problem we haven’t encountered

Peace of mind

We use only scientifically-sound positive training methods so you can enjoy your training results guilt- and worry-free

Get help now for:

Aggression Challenges

Aggression toward family members, visitors, or strangers

Aggression toward other dogs on or off leash

Serious Behavior Issues

Fear, anxiety, or shyness around people, other dogs, sounds, or situations

Separation anxiety, or an inability to be left alone

Pesky Behavior Issues

House soiling

Jumping up on you or your visitors

Chewing and digging and other destruction

Excessive barking or over-excitement

Basic Manners

Not coming when called

Pulling on leash

Not responding to cues like sit, down, and stay

General distractedness

Meet our trainers

Our certified, experienced professional dog trainers pride themselves on going the extra mile to create training programs personalized to each client’s dogs, goals, and lifestyle constraints.

We aim for real relief so you can fully enjoy life with your dog.