Anxiety and Arousal

Originally published on I’ve been having a lot of conversations with people about their dogs getting into trouble. Not little trouble like chewing up a shoe or stealing a sandwich. That’s easy stuff.  I’m talking about big trouble. Like biting the neighbor’s dog while on a walk or biting a friend who is over… Read more »

There’s help for dog reactivity

Originally Published on A reactive dog is a dog that reacts to specific things in their environment by becoming highly aroused and in most cases, barking and lunging. These dogs can appear to be aggressive, dangerous and “out of control.” It is a scary situation for both passers-by and owners. Some reactive dogs are… Read more »

Living with an aggressive dog

Originally published on   What if you can’t keep your dog because of aggression? Every year, almost 4 million dogs end up in shelters in the U.S. Some of these are the result of poor decision making and irresponsible dog ownership. But that’s not what I want to talk about today. What if you… Read more »

Preventing dog bites

Originally published on  There is was again. Another story about a dog attacking a child. This time it was in Texas. A Border Collie. A five year old. In the face. But location, breed and age don’t matter. It happens everywhere, with all breeds of dogs, and all ages of people. What I found amazing… Read more »

Walking with a dog-reactive dog

Originally published on  Some dogs react to the presence of specific stimuli with aggressive barking and lunging. When a dog does this specifically in the presence of other dogs, we call it dog reactivity. There are many reasons why a dog might be reactive. Fear, a lack of early socialization or a traumatic event are… Read more »

When a dog bites “out of the blue”

Originally published on  When it comes to aggression, trainers often hear the same thing. “Rover bit me out of the blue,” or “Fluffy growled at my son and never gave any other indications he was uncomfortable.” Both of these situations are highly unlikely since dogs very rarely do things without prior warning signs. More likely,… Read more »

On-leash greetings

Originally published on  Urban living can be tough on our dogs, and one of the toughest situations our dogs encounter is meeting other dogs on leash. Dogs meeting on leash is a completely artificial situation for them. The leash and the resulting close quarters means that dogs can not greet each other in a natural… Read more »