Ready for advanced obedience training and want ideas for what to do next?  Let’s look at one option:  Fenzi TEAM Titles (

Fenzi TEAM TitlesTEAM stands for Training Excellence Assessment Modules, and is made up of 6 levels of video “tests” for foundation through advanced obedience training skills.  Levels 1 – 3 are Sport Foundation, and build valuable sport skills from formal obedience to rally, freestyle, or even agility.  Levels 4 – 6 are Obedience Master and practice complex behavior chains, reduced reinforcement, and a high degree of fluency and discrimination.

What I like about the TEAM program:

  • Sensible progression of skills, starting with a range of basic foundation items and layering of new challenges at each level
  • Modular structure makes it rewarding to work on individual pieces of a complicated exercise so that it doesn’t feel overwhelming
  • Completing the video test is hard! If you plan to compete in live trials, the tests are a better simulation than you might imagine
  • Don’t get a successful video?  No problem, try again tomorrow.  If you mess up in a live trial, you have a long drive home, and you might wait weeks to try again.
  • Tests require that you are very specific about your cues and your treats, so you are pushed to practice clean handling and mechanics
  • Don’t care about the video tests? Most of the skills still have practical, “real life” application, so you can still use the structure and the checklist

I suggest the program if you are interested in any dog sports. If you want to compete in formal ring obedience, I’d consider this “a must”.

Cheat sheet for Level 1 exercises – right click to enlarge.
Formatting credit to Emily Gaydos

Examples of passing Level 1 videos:

Jan & Sky:

Janet & Teddy:

And before you ask: No, you do not have to be a poodle-owner named Janet in order to play.

Want to try it?

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