Fun, safe play for your dog. Peace of mind and a better behaved dog for you.

Our unique approach

Puppies under 6 months of age who have registered for a WOOFS! class are invited to join us for daycare and boarding. Starting daycare as a puppy means that your dog will be comfortable here for years to come.

Focus on safety

Because we get to know all of the WOOFS! dogs from a very young age, you can rest easy knowing every friend your dog makes here has met our standards for polite, safe play. Add experienced staff actively overseeing all play and you’ve got a great recipe for safety.

Individual attention for your dog

Our high staff-to-dog ratio means we knows every WOOFS! dog inside and out—and that means customizing the perfect daily experience for every four-legged guest.

Dog Daycare details

Daycare and boarding is at our Shirlington campus only.

Daycare hours
Mon – Fri: 7:00am to 6:00pm (pick-up until 7:00pm)
Weekend daycare open to boarding dogs only

Review our policies for daycare and boarding

One DogCostTwo Dogs (same household)Cost for both dogs
Full Day (over 6 hours)$45Full Day (over 6 hours)$77 ($45 + $32)
Half Day (6 hours or less)$32Half Day (6 hours or less)$64 ($32 + $32)
5 day pass$220 ($44/day)5 day pass$380 ($44 + $32/day)
10 day pass$420 ($42/day)10 day pass$750 ($42 + $32/day)
15 day pass$615 ($41/day)15 day pass$1,095 ($41 + $32/day)
20 day pass$800 ($40/day)20 day pass$1,440 ($40 + $32/day)
30 day pass$1,170 ($39/day)30 day pass$2,130 ($39 + $32/day)

All passes expire six months from the date of purchase.
Passes are non-refundable and non-transferable.

We are currently accepting puppies under six months of age who have attended Puppy Party or any WOOFS! class.
Please contact your trainer to enroll

Dog on picnic blanket with picnic basket and a plate of food
Dog in a springtime photo set
Happy dog sitting beside a pawprint painting
Four dogs staying on mats

Daycare PLUS

Add even more excitement to your dog’s visit! Led by our certified trainers, Daycare PLUS adds two hours of structured activities to your dog’s daycare or boarding visit.

Training games like sits and downs, stays, mat work or crate practice
Brain games like puzzles and scent work
Quiet time with Kongs or chews
Creative socialization

Mondays – Small dogs
Tuesdays – Small dogs
Wednesdays – Medium and large dogs
Thursdays – Medium and large dogs

$45 in addition to your regular daycare or boarding rate