Trainer Erica Pytlovany training an Akita and Border CollieOur dogs bring us joy and happiness, and they also need a lot of our focus and attention. You love spending time with your furry friend, but sometimes there’s just not enough time to work on training.

Wouldn’t it be great if someone else could handle the teaching while you enjoy all the fun stuff?

What are Day School and Board & Train?

At WOOFS!, we have several training options where we can do the hard work for you!

First, our Day School or Board & Train programs, our experienced, certified trainers can teach your dog important skills.

Next, we all meet together for Family Practice sessions to show you what your dog has learned.

What can your dog learn in Day School?

Many skills are well suited for Day School or Board & Train. Some examples include:

  • Foundational training skills: We can teach and rehearse basic behaviors like focused attention, stay, come when called, off / leave it and leash walking. Skills like these can improve problems like counter surfing, barking and jumping on visitors.
  • Advanced training skills: Is your dog solid on the basics? We can add distractions and difficulty to take your dog’s skills to the next level. We can also work on special interest sport skills for like agility, heeling, competition obedience, and tricks or even service dog tasks.
  • Behavior challenges: Our trainers are also skilled at behavior modification, and direct training can be helpful with some behavior challenges like reactivity or fear. Your trainer can recommend an appropriate ratio of sessions that include you and sessions alone with your dog.

What are my training choices?

Choose from:

    Drop your dog off for daycare, and your trainer will teach your dog during their daycare day. Day School @ Daycare is a great option for dogs who enjoy playtime at daycare.
    Your trainer comes right to your house during the day to teach your dog. Day School @ Home is a great option for problems that are very specific to your home, or for dogs who would not enjoy dog daycare.
    Your dog receives daily training during their scheduled boarding visit. Excellent option for dogs who are already comfortable with daycare and boarding at WOOFS!
    If you have travel planned and your dog is already scheduled for boarding, this is a perfect opportunity to include training during their stay. Not only will your dog get cost-effective education, but they’ll also gain enrichment from the additional interaction and training activities.
    Customized day training or board & train sessions for dogs who are working with a private trainer or have completed another training program. Talk to your trainer for more details!

Is Day School always the right option? 

Day School and Board & Train programs are not the solution for all training challenges. These examples are training challenges that may or may not be a good fit for Board & Train or Day School:

  • House training – We cannot teach house training in a program at the WOOFS! Campus. House training needs to be taught in a home setting and require boarding at a trainer’s house. Our trainers can also meet with you in private training sessions to help.
  • Reactivity or aggression toward people, dogs or other animals – In many cases where aggressive behavior is a factor, you are a vital part of the training and behavior modification program. Our behavior consultants are available to work with you in one-on-one sessions where you are included in plans and practices. In some cases, we can do a hybrid program of sessions both with you and without you.
  • Fear and anxiety – We love the opportunity to help dogs who are fearful or nervous! However dogs who are nervous or anxious are not able to learn as quickly as dogs who are comfortable and confident, and will affect our realistic training goals. Rather than focus on flashy obedience skills, your dog’s Day School may instead focus on activities that help your dog move through the world with more confidence.
  • Any challenge where you can’t be part of the solution – We can do all sorts of training, but you’ll need to be involved to maintain your dog’s new behaviors. Effective training and behavior modification will still require skills for you to learn or changes you need to make. Your trainer can’t do it alone, but they will be a valuable member of your team.

Our Day School and Board & Train programs offer numerous benefits for you and your dog. From convenience and effective results to the joy and enrichment your dog gets from training, our programs can be a terrific investment into your pup’s present and future.

Want to know if we can help with your dog and your specific challenges? Let’s discuss!

WOOFS! Dog Training Center only uses positive, cooperation-based training methods with your dog. We always consider your dog’s emotional well-being, and we never use pain, discomfort or physical force to make your dog perform new skills. Please consider that training “guarantees” are a strong financial motive for a trainer to use inappropriate pain or force with your dog in order to show you results. We recommend to carefully research any trainer or organization who will train your dog when you are not present.