Does your puppy go to his crate at nap time?  When visitors arrive?  When you need to leave for work, or when it’s time for bed?  The crate provides a safe, quiet space for your puppy.  But does he run into the crate with wild abandon, at your request?  If he doesn’t, why not?  Here’s how to teach your dog to run to his crate on cue.

What it looks like:

How to train it:

  • Puppies (and adult dogs too!) get a kibble toss or some kind of treat EVERY SINGLE TIME they run into the crate.  Keep a large container of kibble and treats handy so that it’s always accessible.
  • If it is not crate time and puppy runs into the crate, you still throw some treats into the crate.
  •  Puppies eat all meals in the crate.
  • Pups regularly get stuffed Kongs or chewies in the crate.
  • Puppies get plenty of playtime outside of the crate every single day. Very young pups typically go into the crate when they are already tired out and ready for a nap.
  • When there are multiple dogs, treats only appear if dog is in their own crate.  No crate hopping!

Follow these very easy steps and before you know it, your puppy will RACE you to his crate every single time.