The scoop on dry food

Originally published on  The dog food market has exploded. There is almost an endless variety of dry dog food options, making it more difficult to determine what the best option is for your dog. Here are some tips to help you make an educated decision. Bottom line, do what works – If your dog is healthy… Read more »

Should my dog go to daycare?

Originally published on  Many dog owners want their dogs to go to the dog park or attend daycare. Both are great places for dogs to be social, run and play and expend some of that excess energy. Dog owners are often rewarded within a tired and content dog. But as the owner of two… Read more »

What is socialization?

Originally published on  Socialization is the process of positively introducing your puppy to new things so that as they grow into adulthood, they are able to adapt to new situations without fear or anxiety. The most important thing to know is that most puppies are only open to the socialization process between the ages… Read more »

Surviving the “dog days” of summer

Originally published on  Yup, it’s hot. What’s a dog owner to do? Here are some suggestions to stay safe and cool for the next few months. Please tell me you already know not to leave your dog in a hot car? Not with the windows down, not under a tree. The outside temperature should be… Read more »

What to know about tiny dogs

Originally published on  Small dogs are great for urban environments. They are generally easier to exercise than large dogs and take up less space with their small crates and small beds. Small dogs are just as smart and trainable as large dogs. Small dogs get a bad rap because too often owners find it faster… Read more »

On-leash greetings

Originally published on  Urban living can be tough on our dogs, and one of the toughest situations our dogs encounter is meeting other dogs on leash. Dogs meeting on leash is a completely artificial situation for them. The leash and the resulting close quarters means that dogs can not greet each other in a natural… Read more »

Dining out with Fido

Originally published on  One of the best ways to enjoy the warm weather in Arlington is to enjoy a meal outside at one of the many restaurants that offer patio seating. But what about bringing your dog along? Unfortunately, it’s not always a good idea. In most cases, restaurants require that the dog be… Read more »

WOOFS! training class basics

WOOFS! number one priority in our basic class is something we call Voluntary Attention (VA). Simply put, voluntary attention is the ability of the dog to pay attention to it’s handler in a distracting environment without the owner using the leash or constantly cueing to the dog to look at them. The idea is that… Read more »

The truth about being the Pack Leader, Part 2

In my last post I promised to tell you how to be an effective leader without resorting to dominance and intimidation. Quite honestly, Iʼll probably offend some people here, but intimidating animals and using physical dominance is for Neanderthals. And thatʼs probably an insult to Neanderthals. Letʼs examine the facts. Iʼm talking specifically about dogs… Read more »

The truth about being the Pack Leader, Part 1

I learned something last week when I was visiting Wolf Park in Battleground, Indiana. Wolf packs donʼt have pack leaders. Thatʼs right. NO pack leader. As it turns out, the concept of the pack leader was a mistake. A mistake made many years ago by people studying a group of unrelated captive wolves that were… Read more »

Is your dog running your life?

Let’s talk about schedules. Is your dog on YOUR schedule or are you on your DOGS schedule? It is an important question and something you really want to consider when your dog is a puppy. Of course, when you first bring a puppy home, everything MUST revolve around the dog in order to teach the… Read more »