In-person classes are suspended until further notice.
In the meantime, look at our virtual and online training options below!

Puppy Chat

trainer chat

New puppy? Need help? WOOFS! owner Laura Sharkey will answer some of your most pressing questions about your newest little family member.

Don’t have your puppy yet? Bring your questions too!


For new and prospective puppy parents

Where and when:

Tuesdays at 6:00pm via Zoom

Class tuition:


Puppy Kindergarten - Virtual Edition

group manners training class

Want a dog that is well-mannered and friendly for life? Then your puppy needs early training and socialization. Our comprehensive and fun Puppy Kindergarten class gives you everything you need to get your puppy started on the right paw.  We will cover house-training, crate training, socialization, puppy mouthing, voluntary attention, handling, restraint, and lots more. Our small class size means lots of personalized attention.


For puppies 9 – 14 weeks old on the first day of class.

Where and When:

Classes take place via Zoom

Class tuition:

$180 for 6 weeks
+ $25 off your Puppy Basic Obedience tuition
Please plan to attend all classes. Make-ups are not available.

Basic Obedience - Virtual Edition

group manners training class

As puppies get a little older, basic manners becomes the name of the game. Using clickers and a unique method we call Tranquil Training, we’ll transform your boisterous puppy into a polite member of society. Your pup will learn to sit and lie down when asked (and to stay put, too!), come when called (imagine that!), walk politely on leash, and to sit (rather than jumping!) as a socially acceptable way to say hello to family members, friends, and strangers.


For puppies 15 weeks to 6 months old on the first day of class


Classes take place via Zoom

Class tuition:

$275 for 7 weeks of class
($250 for puppies who have attended Puppy Kindergarten with us)
Please plan to attend all classes. Make-ups are not available.

Why train at WOOFS!

Experienced, professional puppy trainers

We don’t just love puppies—we understand how they tick. Our instructors are highly certified puppy trainers with many years’ experience and a commitment to ongoing education in our field.

Skilled classroom instructors

We’re also committed to good teaching, employing active classroom instructional and management strategies to ensure a fun, effective experience for all puppy and human students.

Science-based, puppy- and people-friendly methods

In an unregulated industry we use only the most up-to-date, humane, scientifically researched training methods. We want you to feel good about how you get your training results.

Real-life results

Speaking of results, what good are they in the classroom if you can’t replicate them at home and out in the world? Our curriculum sets you up to live happily with your puppy—and the adult dog she’ll soon become.


Paws-down the most important part of puppy training

We understand that an end to potty accidents and puppy biting is probably top of your puppy training goal list. You wouldn’t mind a puppy who responds to requests like “off!” and “sit” and “stay,” too. Our programs are designed to help you reach these goals. But our curriculum also places a premium on puppy socialization.

Why? Because socialization, the systematic process of introducing puppies to the wide world around them (strangers, animals, and the sights, sounds, and experiences of life in a big city) is the key to a laid back, friendly adult dog you can take anywhere. And while basic manners training can happen anytime in a dog’s life, socialization is by far most effective during puppyhood when your dog’s personality and stance toward the world are forming. Under-socialized puppies too often grow up into fearful and aggressive dogs—a tragedy for dog and owner alike.

Socialization is so important to the raising of a behaviorally healthy dog that the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior recommends beginning in safe environments as early as 8 weeks old (so long as pups have had their first round of vaccinations).

Ready for puppy relief?

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