Make your living walking dogs

Improve dogs’ lives

Nothing is more satisfying than making a positive impact on dogs’ daily lives by providing exercise, fun, and companionship to cure boredom and avoid the unwanted behaviors that often result.

Do what you love for a living

There’s no better way to make a living than working with dogs. And if you can do it outside while getting good, healthy exercise for yourself, even better. Plus, who doesn’t mind wagging tails and slobbery kisses as a work bonus?

Set yourself apart with professional training

The standard in professional dog walking education, the dog*tec Dog Walking Academy offers serious dog walkers and those wishing to enter the profession the opportunity to set themselves apart to potential clients and employers.

The dog*tec Dog Walking Academy Curriculum

Expand your current canine behavioral and training knowledge

Professionalize your canine IQ by learning or refining your understanding of:

  • Canine learning theory
  • Aggression and its causes
  • Canine ritualization and body language
  • Managing problem behaviors
  • Science-based positive reinforcement basic obedience training for reliable recalls, polite leash walking, calm sit-stays, and more
Get help with current walking challenges

Learn practical, effective solutions for:

  • Pulling and stalling out on leash
  • Barking and lunging at other dogs, bicycles or cars, squirrels or pigeons
  • Pick-up issues like jumping or hiding
  • Building rock-solid recalls
  • Transportation issues like refusal to get into or out of your vehicle, excessive barking or whining, etc.
  • Dogs not getting along with group mates or other dogs at the park
  • Any other concerning, frustrating, or perplexing dog behavior
Learn effective, ethical small business practices

Start your new dog walking business or push your current business forward by learning:

  • Easy, innovative marketing approaches
  • Best practices for new client intake and interviewing
  • How to set your rates and policies to maximize revenue
  • Best screening and group composition policies
  • The legal requirements for owning a dog walking business
  • How to protect your liability while walking dogs
Keep dogs safe

Provide yourself and your clients peace of mind by learning:

  • Canine first aid and CPR
  • Emergency prevention and planning protocols for a wide range of situations, including dog bites, injuries, vehicle breakdowns, lost dogs, and more
  • The safest transportation practices
  • How to avoid and handle dog fights
  • Safest, most effective equipment options

Upcoming Dog Walking Academy courses in Arlington:

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Meet your instructor

Dr. Laura Sharkey, KPA CTP

An accomplished, certified professional dog trainer, Laura regularly presents to her peers at professional training conferences across the country. Her extensive dog training and classroom teaching experience, strong science background—including a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology from Georgetown—, and sharp sense of humor place her in an excellent position to help fellow dog lovers and professionals pursue their dream of working with dogs for a living.

Ready to start or advance your dog walking career?