You already had plenty to do.

You live in the capital city, after all, where work and life rarely slow down.

Now you’ve got a puppy.

And your puppy has sharp little teeth, a tiny bladder, and endless energy.

We can help.

Simply choose between Group and Private School, and we’ll do the training for you.

How Group Puppy School works

Group Puppy School is a unique combination of daycare and training—perfect for busy puppy parents who want a calmer, trained puppy without all the work.

Your puppy plays and socializes with fellow puppies, gets lots of love and cuddles from daycare staff and trainers, plus lots of fun, positive training to set her up for life.


Group Puppy School program: $1,600
4 weeks of school, 2 days per week

Your puppy’s tuition includes:
  1. Four (4) scheduled weeks of attendance, 2 days a week
  2. Two (2) Parent/Teacher conferences where you will learn about your puppy’s new skills
  3. Puppy playtime in daycare is part of every school day
Proven curriculum:

Your puppy will practice the same foundation skills we teach in our top-notch Basic Obedience classes, including sit, lie down, go to place, stay, come when called and the beginning of polite leash walking. Your pup will also study relaxing in the crate, so mom and dad can have some downtime.

Eligible age groups:
Your puppy may begin school between the ages of 10 weeks and 6 months of age.

Pick-up and Drop-off times:
Your puppy should arrive for class between 7am and 9am.
The end-of-day bell rings between 7pm and 9pm.


Call or email today for the class schedule and to enroll your puppy:

How Private Boarding School works

Private School is a fast track for harried puppy parents who could use a break and an easy button.

Is your dog older than six months of age? Have personalized training goals? Choose between Day School and Boarding School, then leave the training to us.


2 week Day School program: $1,900
3 week Day School program: $2,850

2 week Boarding School program: $2,150
3 week Boarding School program: $3,225

Your pup’s tuition includes:
  1. 2 or 3 weeks attendance
    – Day School attendance Monday – Friday
    – Boarding School attendance includes overnight and weekend accommodations
  2. Initial Consultation to set individualized training goals
  3. Two (2) private training sessions with you to transfer your puppy’s new learning to your home for a successful, fun experience—and lifelong companionship
  4. Puppy playtime in daycare included every day
Personalize your pup’s program:

You can add additional weeks of training or individual one-on-one training sessions at any time. Just tell us how we can best support you and we’ll customize your program.

Eligible age groups:
Your dog should be at least 10 weeks of age to participate. Dogs over the age of the 6 months must meet standard daycare requirements, which include successful pass of daycare evaluation and completed spay or neuter.


Call or email today to schedule your Initial Consult and reserve your pup’s Private School spot:

Puppy School Instructors

Our certified, experienced professional trainers oversee each puppy pupil’s day to make sure our program is personalized to your pup’s personality and your training goals.

We aim for a perfect balance of play, cuddles, and training to give you a happy, relaxed puppy who gets smarter—and easier to live with—over each week of training.

Ready for puppy support?

Call or email today to schedule your Initial Consult and reserve your pup’s Day School or Boarding School spot.

Don’t have your puppy yet?

We recommend reserving space ahead, as we enroll only a small number of puppies at a time.

Just need a little puppy training help?

Private puppy training appointments will do the trick. If you’d just like a pointer or two on house training or other issues to help you train your puppy on your own, we’ll set up a convenient, customized private puppy training session in your home or at our WOOFS! campus.

Email or call to schedule your private puppy training appointment:
Puppy daycare and training program for puppies in Arlington, Alexandria, D.C., Annandale, Falls Church, Fairfax, Great Falls, Vienna.