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Doggie Playdates Every Day

Work long hours? Busy schedule? Getting your dog enough exercise can be a challenge, but without it, dogs are more likely to chew, bark, and pull on leash. WOOFS! daycare is the answer. Your dog will romp and play all day, and will return home happy, tired, and ready to snuggle up on the couch.

At WOOFS!, your dog’s safety and comfort is our priority. Our staff trainers know canine behavior and playgroup protocols, and carefully supervise to make sure all dogs in daycare are having a good time.

Come visit and see the difference!

Effective Nov 9th, 2016: We are not accepting new dogs for daycare or boarding at this time. Additionally, the Ballston Campus is full and Shirlington dogs may not begin to attend daycare at the Ballston Campus without manager authorization. We apologize for any inconvenience.  

How To Enroll Your Dog

 WOOFS! only accepts new dogs ages 6 months and under for daycare or boarding.  Dogs under 20 pounds or 20 weeks of age may be restricted to the Shirlington campus only.

step 1    (first time visitors only)

Schedule a FREE evaluation:  call 703-536-7877 or email info@woofsdogtraining.com.  Appointments are scheduled at Shirlington between 11:00am–4:00pm Monday through Friday plus limited hours on Sundays.  Bring a copy of your dog’s up-to-date vaccination record.

Fill out our registration form and read our policies.

step 3
Submit the registration form.

ATTENTION: Prices effective SEP. 1st. 2016

1 Dog PassCost
Full Day (over 6 hours) $38
Half Day (6 hours or less) $27
5 day pass $185 ($37/day)
10 day pass $360 ($36/day)
15 day pass $525 ($35/day)
20 day pass $680 ($34/day)
30 day pass $960 ($32/day)
Two DogsCost
Full Day (over 6 hours) $38 + $27 = $65
Half Day (6 hours or less) $27 + $27 - $54
5 day pass $320 ($37 + $27/day)
10 day pass $630 ($36 + $27/day)
15 day pass $930 ($35 + $27/day)
20 day pass $1220 ($34 + $27/day)
30 day pass $1770 ($32 + $27/day)

All passes expire six months from the date of purchase.


Can I give my daycare pass to my friend to use for her dog?
Alas, daycare passes are non-transferrable. Just like in kindergarten, your dog’s spot is reserved for him and can’t be used by anyone else.

Can I buy a half-day pass?
For practical reasons, we can’t offer half-day passes.

What if I’m late and miss the 7pm pick-up?
We charge a $22 late fee for pick-up after 7pm. You can either pick your dog up between 7pm–9pm or leave him with us overnight. (If he’s not already at our Shirlington Campus, we drive him there just after 7pm and feed and board him.)

Can I use my daycare pass to pay for boarding stays?
No, because our boarding rate is packaged with daycare for a better price. But if you have a daycare pass, we obviously don’t take boarding days off the pass and they are yours to spend another time.

Do I need to make a reservation to attend daycare?
No reservation needed!  Once your dog has passed the inital evaluation, he may come to daycare any day that we are open, no planning required.

Can my dog attend daycare at either campus?
Once your dog passes the daycare evaluation, he may attend daycare at either campus.  One exception: dogs under 20 pounds or 20 weeks of age may be too small to attend daycare at the Ballston campus and may be required to attend Shirlington only.

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Ballston Campus

Monday – Friday
Drop-off & pick-up: 7am–7pm

Not currently accepting new dogs, including dogs from the Shirlington campus.

Shirlington Campus

Monday – Friday
Drop-off & pick-up: 7am–7pm

Daycare closes at 6:00pm, but dogs may be picked up until 7:00pm.


We Offer

√ Trained staff supervising
√ Paw-friendly flooring
√ Climate-control
√ Toys sanitized daily
√ Safe, clean environment
√ On-call veterinarian

We Train Your Dog!

Why not let a professional trainer do the work? With our Board & Train and Day School programs, you get training results faster and more effectively. Busy schedule? Worried about making training mistakes? We will do it for you.

Puppy Socialization

Don’t delay! Start now to raise a healthy, happy adult dog. Your puppy’s socialization window starts to close at 16 weeks. Before then, your puppy must be positively introduced to all manner of people, dogs, sounds, textures, sights, and situations—not to mention get a foundation in house-training, crate training, bite inhibition, and manners.

It’s a lot to pack in, but we are here to help. With our open-enrollment Puppy Kindergarten class (join any time!) and FREE weekly Puppy Party, you give your puppy the best start in life.

The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior recommends that puppies start socializing in safe environments as early as 8 weeks of age as long as they have had their first round of vaccinations. Read AVSAB Position Statement

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